Charles Schneider gave a new impetus to glass as a form of art in the Art Deco period. If his production is not as famous as René Lalique´s, more onirical, Schneider´s proved a more developed sense of abstraction (with a simplification of the rich naturalistic patterns that marked the precedent style Art Nouveau) while enriching the palette with flamboyant colours with a company that lasted barely for fifteen years (1918-1933).

From 1919 on, Charles Schneider kept strictly separated the two brands of his company. The more artistic, varied and inventive one (and closely supervised in every step by the master), signed Schneider, granted him a reputation for innovation while the more economical brand (and more predictable, basically acid-etched cameo glass), signed Le Verre Français, ensured a certain level of sales.




After 1923, Schneider went back to the origin of Chinese glass in his Jade series. Glass was born in China to replicate the qualities of jade, the most precious stone in the Middle Kingdom. Schneider proved how well he could go back to the basics and mix colour powders to produce the most striking and aesthetic combinations. His glass shone almost like precious stones; Schneider set an example of art glass during the “Roaring twenties”. Having seen the success, the Jade series played a major role in his production. From 1923 to 1928 he created 348 shapes in so many different hues that it is impossible to make out the number of combinations. In that sense, these pieces can be considered unique, although produced in an industrial setting.

Schneider, like Marinot, also knew how to play with danger, in this case, bubbles. The enemy of fine glass can be a sneaky companion turned careful. Bubbles are usually trapped in thick walls with the resulting impression of a rough material.

Schneider, after an undeserved oblivion, started, with the Dusseldorf exhibition in 1981, to recover his place among the greatest glass artists of the twentieth century, as can be seen in numerous exhibitions and museums the world over.

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